Spicing Up Baby Styles With Spice Booties

Life moves so quickly and before you know it, your baby is grown and moving out.  So, taking the time to make the memories, and especially from my point of view, take a ton of pictures!  I sometimes have to start with something basic like spice booties for inspiration.

iPhone Photos are Fine

Spice Booties

When you talk to a professional or semi-professional photographer, you have to have the right equipment or the photos will never turn out well.  I can’t disagree that the right equipment can make amazing pictures, but that doesn’t mean you throw you hands in the air and not take pics.  I can’t believe how amazing and how many pixels are now in your phones.  I’m not saying you have to get an iPhone, it is what our family has always gone with, but other phones also have phenomenal resolution and create great memories.

Cell phones have different memory capacities, and the last thing that you want is to have the perfect picture in front of you and be out of memory.  If you can make sure to either upload to the cloud or to your computer, do so every so often.  The other great thing about digital photos is that there are hundreds of apps and programs that help you to enhance or cover up the blemishes.  Take advantage of those, but be careful that you don’t go overboard too much!

Find an Inexpensive Camera

Spice Booties

You don’t have to go for the camera package with four lenses, tons of filters, and memory cards.  Find a simple camera that has a couple bells and whistles and helps you get you feet wet.  Take the time to read the booklet that comes with it and learn about the different ways to take pictures, the different settings that can be used and the possibilities of color and light.

Your best friend can be YouTube.  Someone has posted a video about whatever question you might have.  You can learn how to do the small things and the big things.  You can learn how to make the perfect moment out of almost nothing.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Spice Booties

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and most of the issue is that you should be documenting your children’s lives.  I’ve seen moms delete photos from their phones just because there was a little blur in the background or somebody’s eyes were shut. Sometimes those are the photos we look back on and remember the most; those imperfect, and unplanned moments can truly last forever.

If you take too much time either planning or manipulating a situation to make a perfect moment, you are probably losing out on so many others.  I understand if it is your profession, go right ahead, but for the rest of us, sometimes it is just about taking a ton of pictures and try to find a couple out of the bunch that you can put it on Facebook or Instagram.

Remember Privacy

Spice Booties

Most millennials feel like they must post their life online, no matter what the medium may be, but they may be doing themselves a disservice by doing so.  Those photos, no matter how old they are, or if they are deleted from their history, they still exist, and they don’t fully belong to the owners because as part of your agreement to use their platform, you sign away some of your rights.  Most times this doesn’t mean much of anything, but remember this and think about things 10 or 20 years down the road.

As you are thinking about your privacy, also think about your children’s privacy: if you put a naked baby butt in your family photos on Facebook, that child is going to grow up and can be linked back to that photo later on.  There are other photo sharing sites that allow you to share these kinds of photos with just family and friends and allows for much more privacy in the short and long-term.

Spice Booties as Inspiration

Spice Booties

Rounding back to my initial thought of spice booties, as in the color and baby shoes, some of the smallest items can inspire you to think big and plan moments that are natural and show personality.  The reason that I bring this up is because there was a day that I just thought was great outside and wanted to get some photos.  Nothing was coming together for the colors, I was ready to cry and the I looked down at my son’s feet where he had on a pair of spice colored baby leather booties.

I dried my eyes, packed a small bag of baby items, grabbed the camera and headed for the hills.  I live in the Nevada desert, and embraced the browns and neutral colors that surround me, and we came home with some of the most amazing pictures that I shared with family.

You can be inspired by the smallest things if you are able to just take a step back and not put yourself in the same old box or try to recreate a picture you’ve seen online.  Make it all your own!

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